The Universe farts change

Things are moving.
Change is afoot.
The Universe sees its chance
and throws everything it’s been holding back
through the opening crack in the door and hopes we catch,
hoping the elephant now in the room doesn’t crush us when it lands.

I can feel the Universe dropping into place,
like the tumblers of a combination lock
a feeling that you’ve opened yourself up to the Possibilities
and that the Universe knows and approves.

The Moment expands and spills over.
Fifty-year-old secrets take form, take hold, take over…
grow wings of darkness and take flight…
and are absorbed into the Moment, becoming a part of the flow.

Today, I am ancient and I am newly born;
I am death and I am beyond death.

I stretch across time and space
and I burrow in on myself.

Tomorrow I may just be back to old and tired.
But tonight, tonight, I’m fucked

the Universe was eavesdropping