No longer standing

For years I’ve been standing at a crossroads in my life, refusing to go down any path, afraid to go down any path. I’ve almost grown roots here. Decisions have always come with difficulty, this one more so than any of the others. The road of my life is littered with the debris of half-finished, half-assed tasks. I like the doing, not the finishing…the challenge, not the capture. I get to 75, 85, or even 95% and can’t bring myself to take it further. 

What’s more sad to me than the fact that I am stuck in…have been stuck in…this rut is that I’m not alone, that thousands, perhaps millions, of others are stuck in their own ruts, looking bleakly at a future they never envisioned in their childhood dreams, assuming they could even afford the leisure of a childhood. Overcoming inertia is difficult.


2 thoughts on “No longer standing

  1. richgold

    So, thousands, perhaps millions are stuck in their own ruts. What would happen if a bunch of us started rocking and swaying back and forth? Would we be able to dislodge each other as a group until we inch out of the mud? Could we take steps to motivate each other instead of de-motivating each other?

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