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Just realized that I destroyed most of the pictures and memorabilia from The Relationship and have no idea where the rest are. Did I throw them out when I moved? Probably just as well (did I really need more wallowing material?) but kind of weird considering how anal I am about preserving historical references.

In retrospect, he should really count himself lucky that I’m not vindictive. Some of those shots would have made him very popular in very seedy places on the Internet if I’d still had them and been the kind of person who would do that to someone.  He should be very, very glad that I cut them into little, teeny, tiny pieces before disposing of them after the end of the fuckmates phase of our relationship. 

I suppose there’s something to be said for trusting the character of someone that you’ve dumped enough to believe that they’d never do anything to harm you even in the face of their pain. He’d have been right—I’d never do that to anyone—but somehow I don’t think it was all trust; I think he really just put it out of his mind so completely that it’s as though they never existed.


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