A deep, dark pit

Been stewing in a very large, very deep, and very, very dark pit of emotion today and can’t seem to find my way out. It’s that drunken bottoming out (without the drinking) that kills you if you can’t ride it out to safety.  Can’t sleep for more than 1/2 hour at a time because I’m hemorraging too heavily. So combine hormones with sleep-deprivation, a little SAD, a little of the Xmas blues, and the tumultuousness of a full-blown crisis and it’d be a wonder if I wasn’t going a little mental. But knowing its cause doesn’t make it easier to maneuver through.


Today’s horoscope

from Jonathan Cainer:

Life’s greatest gifts are the things we tend to take completely for granted. Only by their absence – or by the threat their departure – do we realise what they mean to us. Recent events have caused you to review your priorities and reconsider your plan. You are keenly aware of how much energy a trivial pursuit is taking and how little attention a much more serious concern is getting. Events this week may yet change that for the better.