Catching up

Went out with a good friend on Friday for lunch and a visit to the bookstore. Bought a couple of Wayne Dyer books that seemed to really catch my attention when I thumbed through them. Opened one of them when I got home, to the Addictions chapter. Hmmm.

Have been puttering most of the week. Got next to nothing done that I’d planned to get done but the severe mood swings seem to have died down. Must have been heavily fuelled by the hormones.  Feeling quite upbeat now, though I keep getting these short little crying jags whenever I see or hear anything remotely emotional.

After years of watching my hair get progressively whiter, I finally got my hair coloured today, back to my natural brown (well, actually a slightly more auburny shade of my old dark brown). And I got a semi-spikey haircut. We’ll see how well I can manage to keep it up but it looks cute now. Just need to work on the rest of me. LOL

My parents have bought me a guitar, partly as a very early birthday present. I pick it up on my way home from work on Tuesday. I’m very excited about that. I expect 2007 to have a lot of ups and downs but I think it’s starting off on a pretty good emotional note.