9 Universal Year

N. tells me 2007 is a “9” year, which she says last occurred in 1998. 

I’m thinking she may be misunderstanding the “9 Year Cycle” thing. What you’re supposed to do is add the individual digits that make up your birth day and month to get a single digit that is your personal year number. To determine what year of your cycle the current year is for you, you add your personal year number to the individual digits that make up the current year and reduce it to a single digit. For example, my personal year number is 7. 7 + 2 + 0 + 0 +7 = 16 = 7. For it to just be based on the calendar year would be a global thing (since it would apply everyone currently alive on the planet), not a personal thing. Mind you, 2006 (especially the tail end of it) seemed like it was a Year 8/9, not a Year 6, so who knows. 

N. and I have the same personal year number. She mentioned that she’s undergoing a crisis of sorts as well, though we are manifesting differently.

[Added] Ah, I see that 2007 is a “9 Universal Year“, which is supposed to denote “a year of total and consummate housecleaning for the world, its governments, its corrupted administrators, all business and social organizations and each individual soul now sharing our planet’s energies.” So, I was right in that it’s a global thing. “2006 (an 8 Universal Year) saw the start or beginning of the pangs of distress that are about to move across the world and the individual landscapes of our lives during 2007.” Kind of a depressing outlook. And yet there does seem to be some stepping up of Mother Nature’s power on the planet. Something’s afoot.


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