Today’s horoscope

From Jonathan Cainer:

Still sitting in the same room? Still thinking about the same situations? Still eating the same kind of food? Still getting phone calls from the same folk? Still wrestling with the same problem? Still up against the same challenge? Still looking forward to the same bright ray of hope on the horizon? Well, enjoy all that consistency and familiarity while it lasts. 2007 may, so far, seem similar to 2006 – but, really, the year has only just begun. You’ll soon have a lot of positive change to get used to.

And from Astrocenter:

In spite of your feelings to the contrary, you are bound to be successful. It is likely that you are involved in some sort of group project that is requiring a lot of time and effort of you. All indications are that those efforts will pay off shortly. Continue to work those long hours, even if it means pulling an all-nighter or two. In just a few months time you will have caught up on your sleep and will be rolling in the money.


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