Horoscopes du jour

From Jonathan Cainer:

What is the most valuable thing a human can have? Is it money? Is it power? Is it love? No. It is understanding. Why? Partly because, without understanding there can be no appreciation of any of the other factors. There can only be emptiness, confusion and futility. There is, though, another reason why understanding is so precious. If you can acquire it and apply it you will automatically gain all the money, love and power that you need. So now you know what to put first this year.

And from Astrocenter:

You are likely feeling confident, optimistic and enthusiastic today. You feel as though anything is possible for you. And, indeed it is. If you are feeling a bit of wanderlust, and are anxious to explore new places and meet new people, you may soon receive an opportunity to do so. Life for you is one great big adventure. You are fortunate that you have the sort of spirit that embraces it fully.