Nip it in the bud

Had a nap yesterday after getting really dizzy, and had disturbing dreams that woke me up heartbroken and crying. But I don’t really remember more than the odd flash of images from them. What I remember shouldn’t have been so devastating so I wonder at what I don’t remember.

Wasn’t able to sleep after that. Sunday insomnia. Toyed with the idea of not sleeping at all last night but gave in at around 3:30am. Had a very fitful hour or so of sleep before getting up again to get ready for work. Was tired, hungry (in an “I’m going to puke” way), and crotchety all morning. Had lunch and am still feeling less than perky. Can feel last month’s mood cycling starting to build up again: anger and despair duking it out. Fecking hormones! Need to nip that before it gets a foothold.

Hair is too clean today — fluffy, poofy instead of spikey. Not a bad hair day but not a good hair day either.  Blarg.


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