Fecking hormones

Still suffering from insomnia and sleepyness, alternatively. Tonight I think it’s insomnia. My brain is firing on all cylinders tonight. The street lights are bothering me at night lately, I don’t know why. I never used to have a problem with the room not being pitch black, and I can sleep easily in daylight. But a not-quite-dark room robs me of sleep. I’ve taken to sleeping in my hoodie, with the hood pulled down over my eyes, which is a ridiculous way to sleep.

The crying jags returned last week. Thought they were going to drive me nuts but they only lasted a day or two.  All part of the joy that is my new PMS.

Still haven’t had chips or pop but my chocolate consumption has grown out of all proportions. It’s insane. I’m going to give myself diabetes at this rate, if I haven’t already.


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