Playing catch-up

The white roots started getting noticeable at about the two-week mark. I can’t afford to get my hair professionally coloured every couple of weeks, even just for a root touch up. It’s all still more expensive than doing it yourself. And 6 weeks of using the temporary stuff will drive me insane. Haven’t tried it yet — am a little afraid to. Will it start running down my face if my hair gets wet or if I overheat? That would be worse than white roots.

My white hair is finer than the rest of my hair. I wouldn’t have thought that was possible, given how fine my hair is naturally. Problem is that, because most of the white is at the front of my face, when my hair is wet and with the darker hair colour, it looks like I have hair plugs. Kind of funny and yet troublesome at the same time.

The heavy period only lasted for about 1.5 days. Bad enough but not nearly what it used to be. And I’m better at dealing with it now than I used to be. Still, the lack of sleep is hard. As annoying and gross as the period is, it doesn’t really last all that long — about 5 days or so — and I feel more in tune with myself without the progesterone or the Pill. I can feel the rhythm of my body’s cycles and I kind of like that. Feels more normal, somehow. I forget it sometimes in the face of the hemorraging but I shouldn’t.

I’m paying the price for my eBay activities earlier this month. Zero money left in the bank and payday isn’t until Wednesday. So, no cabs, ate the last of my chocolate today, and I’ll have to start actually bringing lunches. Nothing too bad (I have food at home and a bus pass) but, wow, I feel like a drug addict who’s run out of money and has no stash left. I really only have “real” food at home: frozen veggies, fruit, brown rice, chicken, fish, low fat cheese (thank god I still have cheese left!!), cereal, milk. Stuff I should be making a habit of eating but haven’t been. So, as much as I’m jonesing already for the stuff I don’t have, it’ll be good to not be in a position to get my hands on that stuff, since it’s all stuff I shouldn’t be eating. Maybe I’ll actually start eating regularly.

Added: Oh yeah, so much for the growing of finger nails. I had a stressful encounter at work last week and bit every last one of them off. So, we start again.


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