Today’s horoscope

From J.C.:

According to the experts, we do not move through time. Time (or at least the perception of time) moves through us. We stand still. Even our transition from one realm to another, from the physical to the ethereal, is ultimately only an illusion. Of course, you’ve got to be pretty high up to see it all that way. And I’m not suggesting that this weekend’s events will elevate your consciousness to such an extent. Still, though, they will open your eyes to the truth behind some other deceptive appearances.

J.C.’s monthly forecast for January:

I have yet to meet anyone who enjoys being woken by an alarm clock. It is a necessary evil that we all must endure. At first, we do our best to ignore the call. We fight for the right to lapse back into glorious unconsciousness. We resent the waking world that we are being urged to return to. Gradually, slowly – usually after a shower and a hot drink, we come to feel OK about the day. This month, you are going through a similar process of awakening. It may seem strange or undesirable now, but as Venus passes further through the tenth house of your solar chart, you’ll find yourself feeling ever more grateful for and excited by the awakening.


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