Bad hair (day)

Almost the four-week mark and I’m incredibly unhappy with my hair colour. My white hair is very fine, finer than my regular hair (and that’s pretty fine). When the hair is white, you don’t notice so much how fine it is ‘cos I have a pretty pale head as well (sun and I do not mix often). With the hair coloured, well, my scalp is much more noticeable. When the hair is dry and styled, it gains volume and so you don’t notice the fineness. When it’s wet, though, well, the hair plug effect is getting worse and starting to become an issue even on dry hair. The more the white hair grows in, the worse that effect gets because the white hair and white scalp blend together to make it look like so much more scalp than is actually visible. I wasn’t a happy camper this morning when I realized this. I was going to try using the temporary hair colour thing but I can’t just use it as the front as I’d hoped. This thinning/hair plug effect is all over and I think the only solution is to colour my hair completely, rather than trying to fix it every day with the temporary colour. I can’t afford to get it done professionally at the moment, nor can I afford to have my hair professionally coloured every 2 or 3 weeks on a regular basis. So, it appears I’m going to have to give home colouring another go. My hairdresser won’t be happy but I just can’t wait another 4 weeks to consult her when I next get my hair cut. Hopefully it won’t turn out green. 😉