Dancing on the edge of disaster

Getting really cranky lately. Feel like I got too close to the fire today and lost my eyebrows. Think I recovered, though. God, I hope I recovered. Maybe it’ll have long-ranging effects that I can’t even imagine. And damn Jonathan Cainer and his horoscope:

If you are not intending to do anything constructive to change a certain situation, you forfeit the right to complain about it. If you are intending to make a move, you are still well advised not to complain, as you will need all your energy in order to summon concentration and motivation. Perhaps you feel that you do not know quite what you are intending to do, because you are simply so overwhelmed by an intense set of circumstances. If so, allow me to enlighten you. You are about to create a change.

I hope the change is good (as opposed to, say, getting my butt fired). I think I’ve managed to defuse a bad situation that had been brewing (largely because I’ve been really bitchy for the last few months) between me and a coworker. I hope so. I don’t like where I was going. It wasn’t a nice place.I broke down and apologized and she accepted the olive branch. So, I hope it’s OK. Got to start paying conscious attention to what I’m doing, saying, thinking.  Don’t want to blow this job.


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