Requiem for Week 1, Take 1

Never did get the kitchen cleaned out. That, I think, is going to have to be a gradual process. Don’t think I can leap full into an optimum health thing here so will try for “optimumer health” (my new catchphrase). Didn’t go near a cruciferous anything, let alone eat one. And no fish. Food was mostly takeout, from a variety of places. Yummy but not exactly low fat. Didn’t do the breathing thing. Completely forgot. But am feeding my spirit by reading mediumship/psychic books. Does that count?

Did I do anything I was supposed to? Well, I took my supplements, though not quite as often as I should. Bought some new multivitamins and some wild salmon capsules to take with the flax seed (instead of just the flax seed) and B100. All huge monstrosities that are hard to choke down. Bought some new containers and a lunch bag, to encourage me to actually bring a lunch instead of buying it at work. I didn’t walk as I was supposed to but I did do a major shopping trip on Saturday that both exhausted me and made me feel like I accomplished something in terms of walking. Bought some new sneakers (running shoes as opposed to walking shoes or aerobic-type shoes) that will hopefully eliminate my oversupination problem. They have a wider toe bed as well which will mean less squishing when things swell up.

In addition, I bought some organizing caddies (two for hair stuff and one for supplements), a screwdriver (so I had put the casters on my filing cabinet), a new backpack (because the bottom is about to fall out of the old one), a spring jacket and some other clothes, and a couple of inexpensive runner rugs.


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