Week 1, take 2

OK. So Week 1 of my quest for Optimum Health has been, to be kind, an absolute bust. Today’s food choices were a foot long, day-old Subway cheese sub and A LOT of Turtles (“Mmmm, I love…”, yes, those ones). That’s it. To say that I am riding a major sugar/caffeine rush would be an understatement. Part of that is the usual Sunday night insomnia. Part of it is the expected “Oh shit! My vacation is almost over!” panic. But most of it is the chocolate. And the fact that my usual sleeping place is covered with a pile of stuff that used to be on a table that is no longer in this room.

So, I pretty much blew the better part of a 10-day vacation. Wish it was a little longer but imagine I would have just wasted more time rather than gotten more done. Got into gear today to do some major spring cleaning and guess what? Someone’s blocked up the garbage chute somewhere below my floor by cramming something they shouldn’t have into the chute. So garbage is backing up above us and we can’t throw anything out. And the rental office is closed today. What on earth are people thinking? Oh, wait. Maybe they’re thinking like the mailman who stuffs parcels into my mailbox that don’t fit out through the little door so you have to dismantle the box to get it out. (This is the same mailman who thought it seemed like a brilliant idea to fold a stiff cardboard-reinforced bubble envelope to make it fit into the mailbox, thereby ruining an irreplacable photo of my great-grandfather in all his Masonic regalia. A–hole! The mailman, not my great-grandfather.)

Anyway, so that put a big monkey wrench into my spring cleaning and I’m now surrounded by both junk I need to sort/throw out and bags of shit I already sorted through.  *sigh* The good news is that I found some stuff I’d been looking for but couldn’t find, including my various oracle cards. Yay!!! Now if I could only find their accompanying books… Half my bed is cleared off but the other half just depressed me looking at it so I came here for a break. I’ll tackle it again in the daylight.

The guys who were up a few weeks ago to fix my leaking radiator put a nice big hole in my bedroom wall that I didn’t notice until today. And chipped a lot of paint off the wall under the bedroom window. What the hell they were doing, God only knows. One more thing to add to my list of things that need to be fixed whenever someone can be moved to come up here again.


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