A teacher comes…

…when the student is ready.

Or so they say. In my past, that has been true. Not sure about now but things seem to be coming to me that are helpful to me.

The ESP Psychic Fair is this weekend. I had planned to attend yesterday on my way home from work but it didn’t open until 4pm — by 3pm, I was descending into a full-on hormonal mood swing (close to a crying jag); didn’t think it was an appropriate energy to bring to a psychic fair, especially when there isn’t really anything in particular I wanted other than to spend money buying more stuff I don’t really need.  So, didn’t go. I may yet go — depends on my mood tomorrow — but right now, the chances are slim.

But I’ve been on another book-buying spree. This time, the urge was for spiritual books and CDs. Have lots of food for the spirit, as it were, including new books by my favourite animal psychic, Amelia Kinkade, and one of my favourite mediums, Allison Dubois (she of Medium fame). But the book I was most looking forward to getting arrived yesterday from Amazon.co.uk. It’s by another of my favourite mediums, David Wells, who appears on the British TV show Most Haunted. He’s a very likable person so I quite enjoy watching him on the show. If I were going to be a psychic, he’s the kind of psychic I’d want to be: human, with human frailties but confident of his knowledge.

Anyway, the book is called “David Wells’ Complete Guide to Developing Your Psychic Skills”. I know, it’s a hokey title. Try to get past that.  I’ve only read a couple of chapters but I’m really liking his approach. It’s very down-to-earth and it resonates more with me than some similar books. I’d been avoiding buying it for awhile, for a number of reasons that I don’t want to go into here. But now seemed a good time. And I’m glad I did.


3 thoughts on “A teacher comes…

  1. hi I’m in Canada and I loved to watch Most Haunted I am also a fan of David Wells ,but now the show isn’t on Friday’s , do you know why ?

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