Requiem for Week 1, Take 2

Got a little further this time but still not a really decent stab at Week1. So, we go back to the drawing board. Have eaten mostly Chips Ahoy cookies this weekend. Not sure why. But since I haven’t eaten much else, it’s not so bad. Bad for the blood sugar, though.

Haven’t cleaned out the kitchen but have made a decent assault at cleaning my living room, which is a step in the right direction. Got a few more days of work on the living room yet.


Mmm, what do you say?

Oh, that you only meant well
Well, of course you did
Mmm, what do you say?
Mmm, that it’s all for the best
Of course it is

I’ve been hearing an interesting song every now and then, on the radio and on TV shows, but I’d never really looked to see who it was. It’s a capella, performed with a vocoder distorting some of the voices. Last night’s Saturday Night Live featured am otherwise forgettable digital short* that used the song so I finally broke down and looked it up. It was Imogen Heap’s song “Hide and Seek”. (I used to have the video embedded here but the person who uploaded it has disabled embedding so go to to view it.)

It’s a great song — sounds a little like Laurie Anderson’s O Superman (from 1981).

As I was listening to it, I thought she sounded familiar. When I saw her name, I realized why she sounded familiar. McFly’s “Star Girl” single CD included a U-MYX version of the song that you could play around with (U-MYX is a very cool bit of software that allows you to create your own mix of a song from the various tracks available). I wish more bands offered mixable versions of at least one of their tunes. Anyway, the U-MYX site includes a video showing you a realtime mixing session, to demonstrate what you can do with the software. The song used is Imogen’s “Headlock”. Here’s the U-MYX video:

And here’s the official video for the song:

* OK. I take back that “otherwise forgettable” comment about the SNL digital short. After having seen a clip of the season 2 finale of The OC, I get it. So sue me — I’m not an OC fan.

** Added April 17: NBC has exterted its muscle and gotten the digital short clip removed from Youtube (though they haven’t yet put it on their own site) and the uploader of the OC finale clip has made it a private video. So, I’ve removed the links from here.

Having a good blubber

to the opening and closing theme for the 70s TV show Black Beauty.

Not sure why it’s making me cry — must be the hormonal mood swing. Or it could be because it takes me back to the early 70s, my favourite time period and always a good source of melancholia. The theme has shades of “Born Free“, another tear-jerker tune from the same time period in my head (yes, I know that “Born Free” was released in 1966 but I didn’t first watch it until the early 70s, probably around the same time that the sequel, “Living Free” came out). Of course, thinking about “Born Free” makes me sad all by itself because I remember that both Joy and George Adamson were murdered.

So, there you have it. My night in a nutshell.