Requiem for Week 1, Take 2

Got a little further this time but still not a really decent stab at Week1. So, we go back to the drawing board. Have eaten mostly Chips Ahoy cookies this weekend. Not sure why. But since I haven’t eaten much else, it’s not so bad. Bad for the blood sugar, though.

Haven’t cleaned out the kitchen but have made a decent assault at cleaning my living room, which is a step in the right direction. Got a few more days of work on the living room yet.


One thought on “Requiem for Week 1, Take 2

  1. richgold

    Easter’s been bad for me, and good for me. I’ve been self-medicating with a kick-line of rabbit Peeps, and 4th child’s chocolate rabbit (he said I could have it). I’ve been feeling like death warmed over for the past four days (flu/cold) and, like in an earlier post, feel the pressure from a certain PM. I have some choice words for the experience. Looking forward to further postings.

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