More lost time

Been AWOL for a bit. Losing time faster. Feeling anger starting to build like I was feeling late last year. Need to get a grip on myself.

Cainer’s forecase for yesterday:

There’s definitely a stick. It clearly has two ends. There’s no question that you have hold of one of these ends. But which is the right end, and which is the wrong end. Understandably enough, you want to feel that you’ve aligned yourself correctly. Someone else, though, sees the same situation from the opposite viewpoint. You can’t both be right, can you? As the recent influence between Venus and Neptune now begins to fade, you are seeing a familiar situation in a different light. There’s no shame in changing your mind.

And today:

Minds were made for changing. The only people who form an opinion and then maintain it for the rest of their lives without ever questioning it again, are bigots or idiots. Strangely, though, we often feel a little ashamed about confessing that we have come to see a situation differently. We should, though, feel proud that we have developed enough wisdom to outgrow a previous position. Although, if we are truly wise, we will not be proud, just quietly humble! Embrace a new perspective this weekend.


Lots of lightning out there tonight. No thunder yet, which is weird. Must be really far away.