Winds of change

are swirling around me. So much like last year, coming back around for another pass.  I can only hope to accomplish more with them than I did last year. I have put things in motion but am afraid to write about them here, for fear of robbing them of their power. But I see physical, spiritual, and mental change — changes for the better — on those winds.

Jonathan Cainer forecast for Thursday, 20th December 2007

Kathryn Cassidy writes: Celestial lines-ups like the one we face today won’t happen again for 248 years! Decisions you take today could change your life in coming months. So finalise a transfer of power; pledge to let go of an old way of life. Discard any self-defeating patterns. Opportunities abound to discover new vistas, freedoms and philosophies in 2008. You’ll only be able to capitalise on these if you eradicate anything that holds you back. That includes your propensity to cling far too tightly to the past.

Jonathan Cainer forecast for Friday, 21st December 2007

Kathryn Cassidy writes: What’s the best chess move of all time? There is no answer. Every game is different. Each requires clever tactics and careful analysis in order to make a path to the King. Somewhere in your world, you have had to make the occasional strategic sacrifice in order to stay in a game. You’ve also had to exhibit incredible patience and tenacity along the way. Today you get to make a final, well-considered decisive move. What’s more it may go down in history as your best one yet.


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