Caffeine high…

…without the caffeine. That’s how I’m feeling right now. Awake, jittery — if you’ve ever drunk or eaten more caffeine than your body can handle, you know the feeling. A sort of manic, teetering feeling. Not manic in a bipolar sense, you understand. Manic in a drunk, low blood sugar, extra-caffeinated sense.

Seem to have puked up a few feelings yesterday. That feeling persists. Perhaps this is why this is the season of new resolutions. There is something about passing the shortest day of the year that lends itself well to thought of growth and rebirth. If only we could keep up the impetus.

Jonathan Cainer forecasts for Saturday, 22nd December 2007

Your Week Ahead: What do you want for Christmas? No, not that. What do you really want? What would make a lasting difference? What would inspire a magical change? Now. Mind if I ask you a question? I know. I have asked several already. These though, have been non confrontational. This next one is trickier. Why can’t you have what you want? Why dare you not ask for it, reach for it or at least tell yourself that you deserve it? Why are you even half inclined to act as if you aren’t even interested. Maybe you should ask a few tough questions yourself this week, even if it IS Christmas. Heaven has a gift for you. But you have to be ready to accept it. 

Your Weekend by Kathryn Cassidy: Just recently your life has been like one of those snow globes. Someone seems to have picked it up and shaken it about. This has impaired your visibility. It has especially affected agreements and arrangements. Either you have been notably absent or you have been hard pressed to see a way forward. There may be a little more agitation to contend with this weekend. By Monday, however, the final snowflakes will all have fallen into place. Everything will be clear and settled – and almost magical.

Interesting that the word “magical” appears in both when I was only yesterday remarking about being cut off from the magic of the universe. At the risk of sounding trite, the universe likes an open door.