You may already have won…

Got an e-mail today telling me I’d won a Columbia sleeping bag. I know what you’re thinking. I had the same thought. How many bogus “you have won” e-mails do you get?

Funny thing is that this one is legitimate. I’d entered the Subway Greatest Contest Ever contest — you had to go to their site and run this little race thing. The contest ended on December 14 and I’ve won a sleeping bag. Go figure. Not the neatest of prizes available but definitely nowhere near the worst and, hey, a prize is a prize.

I tend to win things I can’t really use. It’s like the universe wants to make sure I don’t get cynical but doesn’t want to give me too much. I can remember going to a wedding show with a friend of mine who was getting married. There were dozens of door prizes, most of them things like bottles of wine or weekends away. I won a package to get my wedding invitation mounted on a plaque. Nice prize…if you’re actually getting married. I gave it to my friend but she never bothered using it. Another time I won a certificate for dinner at a nice restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant was outside of the city and only accessible if you had a car. So the certificate never got used. There have been others. This sleeping bag is just another in the list — I don’t camp and don’t really have a need for a sleeping bag (could have used it last year when my heat wasn’t working properly but this year my place is toasty) — but at least a sleeping bag is easier to take possession of than a snowmobile. 😉


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