Theme music

Have been watching Turner Classic Movies channel most of the last couple of days. Currently, “King of Kings” is playing. I’m continually distracted by the fact that there is a certain piece of music that plays repeatedly throughout the music that was obviously the basis for the Stargate theme. It’s a little surreal.



Found some of my cards, including the so-called “Rider-Waite-ish deck” I mentioned previously. Not that that helps. All it says is that it was made by the Angel Playing Card company. But that was enough to confirm for me that “Angel Tarot”, which is what I was thinking of, was correct. has a small amount of information. Well, it offers pictures of all of the cards and a very tiny bit of information, including the fact that the deck was created in 1980 with a booklet by Stuart R. Kaplan and “combines features of several popular tarot decks, including the Tarot of Marseilles, Tarot Classic, and Starter Tarot.” Tarot Classic is also from Stuart Kaplan who also, interestingly enough, apparently also wrote a book to accompany the Tarot of the Witches that I received at the same time in the early 80s (I didn’t get the book). There’s a review of the Angel Tarot at Tarot Passages. For some bizarre reason, Aeclectic has absolutely no information about it.

So, there you go — I’m complete rubbish at the history of tarot.