Oracle inventory

I’ve been digging through Aeclectic Tarot, trying to jog my memory of the various tarot and oracle decks that I have. I was partly successful and figured I’d jot the ones I can remember here (ones marked with an asterisk have been ordered in the last month or so). As you can see, there were rather more oracle cards than tarot decks until I went on a shopping binge online this month, especially over Christmas.

I know I’m missing a couple, though. But a browse through Aeclectic hasn’t sparked any memories and I can’t put my hands on the cards now. In addition to the cards, I have a bag of runes somewhere. And my father made me some yarrow I-Ching sticks one year that are also around here somewhere. (I really should find those.)

Over the next year, I plan to revisit and explore all of the decks I have, some definitely more in-depth than others. In particular, I want to take the tarot thing I have by the horns and sort it out — perhaps with more tarot decks to compare, I’ll be able to sort out why I feel blocked by the tarot but not by the other decks.


2 thoughts on “Oracle inventory

  1. I was the same way, felt blocked by tarot, and freer and easier with oracle decks I realized that I was an intuitive reader primarily. I received strong impressions from the art on the cards. Once I realized this, I gave myself permission to read tarot that way, and had much more luck. And bit by bit, some of the tarot teachings I had absorbed began to flow in, instead of me sitting there trying to remember it. AT actually has some great threads/convos about this in the forum.

  2. So there’s hope for me yet. LOL I have to admit that I love Aecletic Tarot (I’m sure you’re all surprised). The sheer amount of information, both from the site itself and from the forums, is a little overwhelming…and I suspect more than a little addictive when you really get into it. By the way, I’m really enjoying your own blog. I hope you’ll post more often.

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