Another year, another grab at the ring

Got very little accomplished physically during my Christmas holidays but did a lot of thinking and planning. So, not a complete waste of time. Spent way too much money on things I really didn’t need, something I need to stop doing.

As similar as things are to this time last year, there are suprising differences. I’m a lot less angry in general than I was last year. I’m chaotic and frazzled and vibrating still but it seems to be in a somewhat more constructive form. Time will tell if that’s actually the case of course.

One thing that’s kind of funny is that I have a persistent sharp pain in my upper left back, shades of New Year 1999/2000 when I had a pulmonary embolism. The pain comes and goes (unlike the pain of a PE, which doesn’t go away) so it is obviously a muscular problem, maybe a result of all the clapping I did at the musical I saw on Sunday, but it’s still funny in a cosmic way. Well, *I* think it’s funny, anyway.

Jonathan Cainer horoscope for Monday, 31st December 2007:

Imagine the word ‘subtle’ in bright neon letters, a hundred feet high! Imagine whispering quietly into a microphone, which is in turn attached to the amplification system at a rock concert. Imagine feeling very sure that you are achieving a particular ambition whilst, actually, you are achieving the opposite. You can listen to a ‘convincing explanation’, or you can end 2007 as you will need to enter 2008; by recognising what’s really happening and using this information to make positive progress. You haven’t got a ‘problem’. You have an incredible opportunity.

Tuesday, 1st January 2008

We don’t want something unless it’s still in the box, wrapped in cellophane, fresh from the factory. We feel there’s a stigma attached to ‘second-hand’ or ‘recycled’. Who cares how badly we pollute the planet as long as the stores can be full of shiny new stuff? Yet wouldn’t you rather have something of quality, even if it had some history? As with possessions, so with years. What’s really important about 2008 is not what’s new about it, it’s what you can rely on NOT to change. 


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