Evil, Influenza is thy name

I’ve been dogged by something since just after the new year. It’s been coming, going, and not quite becoming anything. The freaky weather and insomnia hasn’t helped. Monday night/Tuesday morning, it fully congealed into the flu. Fever, chills, aches, the whole shooting match. Good way to start the year. Should have gotten my flu shot, I guess. Been dosing myself with the finest in chemicals from the pharmacy and sleeping a lot. Still feel crappy but much better than two days ago so I guess the drugs are doing their job.

The topic of health, healing, and illness made me remember thoughts I’ve had previously of undertaking training in some alternative healing methods. Never quite figured out which methods attracted me the most, but herbology was at the forefront. The fact that my home seems to be toxic to plants (or maybe that’s just me) makes that problematic, but it still pops up in my thoughts every now and then.

Yet another facet of myself that I’ve supressed for years. Yet another thing to recover and start exploring again.