Stop the Insanity!

I miss the old Susan Powter.

Stop the Insanity was an awesome concept. Back in 1995, there wasn’t a lot on TV at 2am for those of us coming home from mind-numbing night shifts. Infomercials made the time go by while you tried to pretend like you had a life. I loved watching Susan. She was strong and cool — and I so desperately wanted that short, spiky, blonde hair.

Then she disappeared from the airwaves. She resurfaced briefly in 1999 with her “Sober…and Staying That Way” book but otherwise has been MIA for years.

I googled her a year or so ago and I was disappointed. She looked a bit like a stripper, a weird Madonna-Blonde-Ambition-tour creature. In the webcam videos on her site right now, she has dreads. I miss the spiky hair. I’m not digging the new look. There are some interesting things on her site, though. She seems to be trying to continue on where Stop the Insanity left off, with Eat Breathe/Move Think. I’m completely conflicted about it. Many of the thoughts she’s expressing related to thinking, eating, and being healthier are sensible (and make me remember what I liked about the old her), but I’m having a whole lot of trouble with the presentation, which comes across as conceited and preachy — she really, really loves her Web site. And there are technical aspects of the site (a blogroll of links to your own posts??? who set that up?) and her use (and sometimes misuse) of technical terminology that are distracting. So, I’m conflicted. I really want to still like her but the whole thing is rubbing me the wrong way.