Sleep, perchance to dream

Not. Have been dreaming about odd things like cleaning and tarot cards. (OK, so they’re not odd considering where my thoughts have been lately, but my brain chose odd images to purge.) So haven’t been sleeping well. Went to try to get a couple of hours of sleep early this morning but after about an hour and a half of fitful tossing and turning, had a thought about something for one of the sites I run and that was it. I had to get up.

The pizza from last night was adequate and processed quickly, apparently, as I am now starving again. I really need to start eating regular meals, including breakfast before I leave for work instead of at mid-morning.

I’m also having hormonal crying jags. Love those ups and downs. Wish I’d brought some appropriate drugs with me to work.


Body as temple

home as sacred ground

There’s something to be said for the concept. You wouldn’t treat a temple with callous disregard so why do the same to your body. It’s been shown that what you take into your body in terms of food, drugs, and quality of air affects how you think and how you feel. It stands to reason it would also affect your ability to get in touch with whatever abilities you have for things like meditation and divination.

Perhaps that explains why my home is a dark vortex of chaos that saps the life from plants like the spider plant, plants that thrive on bad air. Imagine what it’s doing to me. I’d like to have plants around again but don’t dare until I fix this atmosphere problem. It seems to be a reflection of what’s going on in my head and that hasn’t been good.