Don’t forget

to take your allergy medication if you have allergies or you’ll be sitting here like I am, just about ready to scratch several layers of skin off. Note to self: when the hives start, you’ve left it waaaay too long. A couple of days, I think. I’ve lost track. Hey, it’s been a bad week.

Shit. Where did I put it?

3 thoughts on “Don’t forget

  1. I’m allergic to cats, dust, and a bunch of other airborne allergens. I know what you’re thinking. Why do you have a cat if you’re allergic to them? Well, My allergies didn’t get really bad until I babysat a friend’s cat — two cats is one cat too many for my health and, unfortunately, once kickstarted, the severity of the allergy didn’t go away when the other cat went home. My allergist’s suggestion after seeing the severity of the cat allergy reaction was to get rid of the cat. That so isn’t going to happen. Daily antihistamines is a reasonable price to pay IMO. And it’s not as though I’d be allergy free if he was out of the picture.

    I found the drugs so the itching and hives are gone.

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