Movies inside your head

Was there something in the air last night? Or just something going on in my head?

Had very weird dreams all night, seemingly non-stop. Have you ever had dreams that played out like movies, with complete plots including proper beginnings, middles, and ends? I have them occasionally and, while they’re fun, they’re also tiring. Had one last night about a cult. Woke up at the end of the “movie” as the young protagonists (one of whom I was seeing through the eyes of) were successfully fleeing the Mediterranean-style compound. I could almost picture the end credits rolling as I woke up a minute or so before my alarm went off. I should have written it down but I was more interested in resetting the alarm and going back to sleep for another hour or so. Had more weird dreams during the snoozing, including one that featured an apartment move that I’d dreamed about months ago and picked up a short time after the point where that one had left off.

Nights like that leave me feeling hung over. I ended up hauling my ass in to work two hours later than I normally go in because I just couldn’t get it into gear.


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