Should have paid more attention to those feelings I was having on Wednesday night. Thursday brought with it more of the same…and notification from my boss that my team is being laid off as of the end of the fiscal year (March) and our jobs outsourced. Apparently we’re too expensive. *sigh* So many thoughts going through my head but very few of them are coming out onto the screen.

I checked in on Joanna Powell Colbert’s journal today and she mentioned in a recent post that she keeps a gratitude journal at the beginning of the day and a happiness journal at the end of each day (i.e. what was the happiest moment of your day).  I like that idea. Haven’t decided if I’m going to do that here or offline (probably mostly offline with maybe the odd public note here) but I’m definitely going to do it. Don’t want to dwell on the negative right now and this sounds like a good way to help me emphasize the positive in my life a little more.

Jonathan Cainer forecasts for today:

Your Weekend: No longer do wizards and witches dwell in caverns with cauldrons. The most powerful magicians now work in brightly-lit offices. They use computers and mobile phones and drive cars not broomsticks. And what dark deeds or sinister schemes do they get up to? Well, the arts and crafts differ a little. Some specialise in writing advertising copy, others produce political manifestos. The world is full of fast-talkers all trying hard to push a big lie. Don’t fall this weekend for an attractive but unlikely promise. 

Your Week Ahead: Forget everything you think you know. You don’t think you know anything? Then forget everything you think you don’t know. Don’t, though, forget absolutely everything without exception… for some things definitely must be remembered. Do, though, forget everything that appears to suggest an imminent problem. The more you dwell on what you don’t want to dwell on, the worse you’ll make something that might get better if it were left alone. Venus aligns awkwardly with Mars this week. If you are hoping for Valentine magic, stop thinking so hard about the ways in which it can or can’t happen. 

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