Busy busy busy

Busily working on updating my resume. Have a couple of job openings to apply for. Am trying to put positive thoughts out into the universe instead of my usual negativity when it comes to job hunting. Being sullen, morose, depressed, and negative hasn’t worked so well for me before so I’m trying something new this time. Still, it’s hard work being upbeat when you’ve been negative about yourself for so long.

Cainer’s forecast for tomorrow is interesting:

We always imagine that other people’s lives are more organised than our own. Even when it becomes clear that this is not the case in some instances, we assume that we are observing the exception. Most folk, surely, don’t live in a world that is quite so crazy or chaotic? Yet, of course, they do. It is just that some of them do a much better job of hiding it. You have every reason to be proud of yourself for the way you are handling a stressful situation. Others in your shoes would do worse, not better.


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