Embrace your mistakes

I’ve been listening to a podcast of Sonia Choquette’s February 6, 2008, show “Embrace your mistakes”. It’s an interesting episode and I was thinking how I wish I’d known about it and could have called in. Along comes a woman, Kelly, a writer who had problems with her job. Sonia saw that she suffers from creative boredom, which caused her to rebel in passive-aggressive ways. Not the most rewarding way to deal with the issue, Sonia says. 

Could have been talking to me. The woman’s guides, apparently, are urging her to try freelance, even just for three months, which is the thought I had about myself just recently…that I really should be working freelance, moving from contract to contract.  I get bored after about two years in the same job. In fact, I’ve never been in the same job with the same company for more than 2 years and change. Sometimes I’ve moved into new jobs within the same company, other times my company was bought out and I moved to the new company in the same job, and still other times I’ve just been caught in the post-1980s world of contract jobs and outsourcing. I don’t like downtime, i.e. unemployment, but I love the continual excitement and nervousness and enthusiasm that comes in the first year of a job.

Sonia also mentioned an interesting tool she uses: “If I weren’t afraid…” and fill in the blank.


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