the invisible elephant in the room

I’m working under very strange conditions right now.

My term ends at the end of March. So far, my managers have only chosen to tell a handful of people (who are directly affected by the decision to outsource my team, in that their workloads may increase) and they’ve all essentially been sworn to secrecy. I’m not even sure if all of the project managers know — I let the cat out of the bag to one of them last week because I thought he already knew. Now I don’t know which people know but are keeping mum and which people haven’t got a clue. The entire office is operating as normal, as though we are not going to be gone in 5 weeks, and I know that isn’t all an act for everyone; I think it is going to take some of them by complete surprise when it *does* come out, especially if we find other work before the end of March.

Today, we had to sit through a chummy division meeting full of post-March planning. I understand (and appreciate) our situation being kept quiet — working out the end of the term would be fairly unbearable otherwise — but it does make for a weird day/week/month. Especially when it is mixed in with sending in job applications and meeting with recruiters.

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