American Income spam

Came home on Friday to find a voice message from some woman at American Income saying she’d seen my resume and had some questions. Hmm, says I, I’ve never heard of American Income. So I Googled for their site, to find out where and what they are. Their site sets off so many alarm bells — you have to hunt for actual information about them and most of it is devoted to sales pitches about joining them. Looking at a few other mentions of them in Google search results shows two things: those who join American Income and stay are rabid followers, like Amway distributors or cult members; and ex-producers for them are rabidly anti-American Income. Very few people who take the time to post their opinions about the company are middle-of-the-road. Typical MLM crap, you know.

Later on Friday evening, I got an e-mail from some guy at AIL who also “found” my resume and wanted to talk about opportunities.

Um, thanks but no thanks.


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