I ♥ Sonia Choquette

I had a major anxiety attack yesterday and last night.

It may have been triggered by the fact that one of the PMs took it upon himself to tell people that we were leaving at the end of the month. Or it may be partially the result of hormonal mood swings crossed with finally realizing that I will be unemployed in 3 weeks. Felt like someone was sitting on my chest, like an asthma attack without the coughing. Still feel that tightness, and my upper back and neck are sore. Seem to have transferred some of the mood onto my poor Aquarian cat because he growled and hissed at me last night. (That didn’t help the mood.)

So, got little sleep last night. When I did sleep, I had weird dreams that I only barely remember. The lack of sleep is making it hard to focus my eyes today and I have a headache so listening to music in iTunes was completely out. So, I resumed listening to Sonia Choquette’s podcasts. I really like listening to her. She has a very positive vibe that is soothing. I wish I’d thought of it last night — I think listening to her might have lightened some of the heaviness and allowed me to sleep. I have a couple of her books on loan from the library (plus a couple I own) that I should really read.


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