Having an anxiety-ridden day, essentially my last work day at this job. It was lackluster, to say the least. I went in at 5am and left an hour earlier than normal, at 2pm and it was the longest day I’ve encountered in a long time. My final pay is being held for 2 weeks so I’m having to borrow money from my mom and dad. Loads of other things just piling on and amping up the anxiety. Feeling a little depressed.

Took a cab home because I’d cleaned up most of my desk today and had a shedload of stuff to take home. (Apparently I’m a packrat there as well.) The cabbie told me about a friend of his who left work yesterday to come home at 4:30 and hasn’t been heard from since — he never made it home and he never turned up at work today. The police have no record of any accidents nor any sign of his car so his family has no clue where he is. Did he go walkabout? Did he have an accident somewhere where no one was around to see? Was he hijacked? Did he suffer some illness that rendered him unable or unwilling to return to his life? My imagination runs wild. How easy it is for someone to go missing.

My reasons for anxiety are minor compared to the anxiety this man’s family must be experiencing.

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