Rainy and cold, cold and rainy

Decided to go get my hair cut today. Haven’t cut it since a couple of months after the last colouring job. Months. Can’t recall how many (6?) but I was trying to ensure that all of the remaining colour could be cut off when I finally got it cut. I succeeded. Boy, howdy, do I have grey hair. Well, grey, silver, and white mixed in with my natural dark brown. The silver is quite a pretty, almost pewter colour — I kept playing with the bits she cut off as they fell onto the cape thingy. The hair cut is similar to the one I had last year, spiky at the back and layered at the front. I like it. The hair stylist seemed to like it, too.

Drove past the bridge on the way to Billings Bridge. The Rideau River is really overflowing. I’ve never seen it that high before. A few more feet and it will will wash over the roads. It’s supposed to be clear tomorrow so I may hop on a number 1 and stop and take some pictures.

Picked up a new printer while I was at the mall. The Source by CC has a sale on an older model HP all-in-one colour printer/scanner/copier — $19.99, including 2 full cartridges. Can’t beat the price. It’s cheaper to buy a few of those than even one colour cartridge, even cheap as the cartridges are. Scary. Also bought some earbuds that were on sale. Now I just need to find my MP3 player. Was going to get some groceries but really need to clean out my fridge first.

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