The early bird…

…annoys people trying to sleep.

There’s a persistent little bugger who starts his thing at about 1:30 or 2a.m. I first started to hear him a few years ago. It was one lone little bird, usually sitting on one of the tall light standards near here. When my parents were her in June 2005, I tried to get them where they could hear him but had little luck. They thought they heard another one, though, near where I worked while they were waiting to pick me up early one morning. My dad thought it might be a whip-poor-will. It’s similar but it’s not your typical whip-poor-will. Did a Google tonight and came across a 2006 post by someone who I think has heard the same type of bird but she didn’t offer enough information for someone to determine what type of bird it was. Haven’t yet come across a sound file that actually sounds like the bird(s) I hear. Wish I had batteries for my tape recorder or a video camera with sound. I’d go out and record them.

This year, he’s got company. There are at least a couple of them yammering on tonight. I don’t hear them if my windows are closed but, because it’s been so mild lately, I’ve had my windows and balcony doors open. It’s very hard to sleep with all of that commotion going on. So, here I am. It’s almost 4a.m. and he’s still going strong.


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