Last shot at 42

Days, weeks, years are picking up speed. It’s amazing how slowly time passes when you’re a kid. Always anxious for the next age milestone to get here NOW. Somewhere in your twenties, it starts to speed up. Just a bit at first. Then gradually it starts to pick up a head of steam, so gradually that you don’t notice it until you’re in your thirties. By the time your forties arrive, you’re getting car sick at the scenery whizzing past you. So the rhetorical question for today is: how do you stop it from becoming a roller coaster rocketing downslope to death from here? How do you stop to smell the roses without falling asleep in the meadow for a decade?


4 thoughts on “Last shot at 42

  1. Make a life plan (much like a business plan). Pick some goals. Figure out what you might have to do to accomplish them. Identify possibly barriers to success and then have at it.

    For my last couple of years, I’ve been secretly terrified of birthdays. It reminds me of when I was entering adolescence and starting to understand that the world was much larger then the 1 block radius around my house.

  2. Yeah – I’ve noticed too how much quicker the years go by (I’m in my mid forties) – can’t believe it is April already. Can I really have a kid who is nearly 18? Surely I’m not old enough for that yet?

    I like to think it’s going fast because I am enjoying myself rather than getting fearful about the end of it – though sometimes the thought that my mother died at age 52 can give me a fright.

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