Today’s horoscopes

Haven’t looked at them in awhile so thought I’d take a couple of minutes to look at my favourite horoscope site.

Your mind is filled with transformative ideas now, but you must narrow the field before undertaking anything important. Wasting energy is surely not a good idea these days and you cannot afford to exhaust yourself. There is a gem in the mixture; your current assignment is to find it and then cut it into a precious stone.

Today (April 21)
In this tense, turbulent climate, it’s all but impossible for you to put your concerns to one side and relax. That’s why you suspect that you have no option other than to swing into action with the best plan you can think up. Action of almost any kind has to be better than doing nothing. Is there a risk that you will make a mistake? Yes, but even so, provided your intentions are sincere and honourable, your ‘mistakes’ will prove to have been guided by a very purposeful, positive force.

Week ahead (April 19 – April 25)
‘To err is human.’ So that’s all right then. Your membership of the race is not in question. Nor, quite clearly, is another person’s. The two of you are subject to the same physical laws, the same psychological challenges and the same emotional pressures as all other people on this earth. Naturally enough, then, mistakes have been made, and probably will always be made. Mercury is in your sign. And the Moon is Full in your opposite sign. Remember please this week that, while ‘to forgive is divine’, to expect perfection from anyone, is just downright daft. Do your best; it’s more than good enough.

Month ahead (April)
Sometimes, the last thing we want is to see is the future. We want to know about it only if it matches our idea about what ought to be in store. When we are told about something that we do not like the sound of, we feel inclined to believe we have a suspect seer. You want to know that a tense drama will resolve itself swiftly. I, though, think it will take the whole month. Disbelieve me if you want. But, just to be on the safe side, plan for a longer struggle than you were expecting – and prepare, too, for an outcome that makes all the effort and inconvenience seem well worthwhile.


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