Are you sure you really want to know?

[Came across this post in my Drafts. I could have sworn I’d posted it back on January 29 when I first wrote it. Figured I might as well share it now.]

Damn you, KoTa, for tagging me. I don’t think you’re the first but I might as well give in this time and reveal 7 things about myself that you didn’t know…and probably could care less about.

  1. I used to own an impressive comic book collection (heavy on the X-Men).
  2. I also used to play Dungeons and Dragons. And Thieves Quest. And Traveller. Back in the days when you actually had to be in the same room with people to role play. And, yes, I went to conventions. (I’m sure the comic book collection didn’t already give away the fact that I’m a nerd.)
  3. I once broke my humerus clean through tripping over a broken walkway tile and falling into a brick wall at a McDonald’s. I walked across the street, with my arm swinging in circles, to a donut shop to call my boyfriend who then called a cab for me. My insurance settlement from McDonald’s was $1000 (well over a month’s salary for me at the time).
  4. I got hepatitis A when I was 9 years old, along with several others at my school, after we played on frozen water (in the ditches around our school) that was contaminated by runoff from the nearby treatment plant. It put an end to my dreams of being a blood donor when I grew up.
  5. I have a veterinary technician diploma but I’ve never used it.
  6. You have to pitch high and inside to me if you want me to actually hit a softball — apparently, I can only hit the ball if I’m in danger of being hit with it.
  7. I was a macraméing fool in the 70s. Purses, owl wall hangings, you name it. (Tip: don’t put polypropylene macramé cord in your mouth to hold it — your lips will go numb.)

(I have no one I can/will tag in return so that’s pretty much it.)


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