Enough with the birds already

Have pigeons looking for a nesting spot coming around my balcony lately. Not having any of that. A few years ago, this building had a horrible pigeon problem — my balcony looked like a lunar landscape — and we don’t want to encourage them any further. Also have a songbird who keeps stopping by for a visit. Not sure what it is. Given how early I sometimes hear birdsong from a lower balcony, I suspect someone has avian lodgers. I was going to write that little songbirds don’t often come up to this level but that would be wrong. A friend of mine had an apartment on the 24th floor of a 29 floor highrise and I can remember us rescuing one of her outdoor hanging plants — with its precious cargo of a nest of baby somethings — during a particularly fierce storm.

Went to Billings Bridge today to buy groceries. Spent way too much and not all of the food I bought is as good as it seemed when I bought it (e.g. I bought grapes that are way too sweet and watermelon that is almost tasteless). Splurged on a couple of McDonald’s cheeseburgers after. I tend to order my cheeseburgers with either nothing on them or with just mustard. What is it that makes people ask you, when you ask for “only” something on your cheeseburger, if you still want cheese on that.  Wouldn’t I have ordered a hamburger if I didn’t want cheese? Are there people who really order (and pay for) cheeseburgers, hold the cheese?

Billings Bridge’s food court has an atrium skylight and fake trees all over. (It used to have a pond with a bridge, but they got rid of that a year or two ago and have replaced it with a lovely printer ink kiosk.) Ever since the renovations that resulted in the newly revamped food court and the two-story lobby that it overlooks, there have been birds living in the mall. I don’t know how they got there. They seem to be outdoor songbirds (as opposed to birds escaped from the pet store) so perhaps they slipped in during the reconstruction. They’re obviously getting enough food and drink to survive, but I can’t help but feel each time I hear and see them how much they would like to be outside. Today, they seemed to be desperately trying to find a way out through the windows of the atrium skylight. It seemed almost frantic, like caged animals. It just about breaks my heart. I’ve been watching Dr. Doolittle (both versions) recently and I wish so much that I could talk to animals — I’d talk those birds into my hands and escort them outside.


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