Job interview today

Wasn’t nervous until about an hour ago, though I haven’t been to sleep, either. Not as nervous as I would normally be. Didn’t practice or anything. I suspect I’m going to be dropped as a candidate because of the language issues anyway so I’m looking at this as more practice than anything. But I still have little butterflies.

Cainer’s horoscope for today:

Whenever we get a ‘funny feeling’, we owe it to ourselves to investigate it. We should neither dismiss it, nor take it too seriously. There are times when our instincts are alerting us to genuine problems. There are times too, though, when we are just worrying unduly. How can we tell the difference? Here’s one reliable technique. We have to learn to stop worrying. Then, if we never worry and we find ourselves worrying, we know there must be a good reason! If you are worried now, you need not be. horoscope:

You want more than you have and your unflappable determination might just be your secret weapon, bringing you the goodies you seek. Remember, though, there is a fine line between patience and obstinacy. If you put too much pressure on someone, you could inadvertently stir up a hornets’ nest instead of building the love nest you desire.

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