Not a hope in hell


The interviewers were really, really nice.

The building looks much nicer than it did when I went there for my exam. (Must have caught it on a bad day.)

The jobs (there are several of them, mostly editing pool) sound interesting.

And I don’t have a hope in hell of getting any of them.

It was bad. I think I under answered the questions I *could* answer (editing steps and writing steps, etc.), and I completely blew the department-specific questions because I’m completely clueless — I just didn’t prepare that side of things. All-in-all I wasn’t at all prepared for the questions I was actually asked. So, unless they just took a special liking to me, there’s no chance that the interview will turn into an actual job.

On the plus side, I’ll be better prepared the next time I have a similar interview, assuming that ever happens. And they really were particularly nice people so the interview was pleasant, even if I sucked. And the old commissionaire at the security desk was flirty, as commissionaires usually are. He commented on how nice my rings looked on me as I was getting my driver’s license back from him. Caught all my buses. The weather is lovely. The trees are budding. Can’t complain about the day in general so we’ll chalk it up to a learning experience and hope that I get a chance to practice my new learnings at a future date.

One thought on “Not a hope in hell

  1. Not even a PFO letter. (Do they even send PFO letters anymore?) Would be nice to have official notice that I didn’t get any of the jobs but I suppose the lack of answer says enough.

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