The Secrets of the Power of Intention

I’m listening to Wayne Dyer‘s audio book “The Secrets of the Power of Intention” (released in 2004) right now — it’s an audio download from the library. I like to listen to him, though he has some odd mannerisms while he’s speaking. He makes some interesting comments in the presentation that I wanted to note, because they are things I’m having trouble remembering in my own life. Maybe by writing them down, I’ll be better able to actually keep them in mind:

“[Connectors say] I refuse to think about what can’t happen because I’ll attract exactly what I think about.”

“They’ve made themselves available for success, and they know and trust in an invisible force that’s all providing.”

“Connectors won’t attempt to win you over to their point of view with debate. They know better than to place a lot of energy in arguing or being frustrated because that attracts argumentation and frustration into their lives.”

“Everything that shows up in their lives is there because the power of intention intended it there. So they’re always in a state of gratitude. They feel thankful for everything, even things that might seem to be obstacles. And they know in their heart that somewhere an opportunity exists in the set back and that is what they look for in everything that shows up in their life.”

“The law of happiness is not going to be discovered by the contemplation of the sadness of things.”

I know the power of positive thinking. I know that I’ve attracted in my life what I’ve put out — when I’m depressed and negative, I get negativity in return; and when I’m positive and open to the universe, I become connected to it and things fall into place. But I have trouble sustaining it continually.

My oldest brother is one of those people that other people would classify as lucky. Things fall into place for him on a regular basis. It would be easy to put it all down to luck. But in reality, he attracts what he puts out. He rarely entertains thoughts of failure so failure rarely dogs his heels. My other brother and I, on the other hand, have historically been dark and consumed by failure and so darkness and failure follows us. He found the positive when his children were born. He’s a more positive person now. And so his life is going better — good marriage, lovely kids, new home, job he likes, hobbies he enjoys. They’re both potent examples for the power of intention.

On the plus side, I just got an e-mail from another recruiter who came across my resume on Workopolis and who apparently has a job opening I appear to be qualified for. She asked for a Word copy of my resume so I sent that to her. I looked on their site and the job I think she’s talking about seems to fit my skill set so I should hear back from her.

On another plus side, I started cleaning my apartment. Should only take me another 3 weeks to finish. 😉


One thought on “The Secrets of the Power of Intention

  1. I wish I could get my eldest child unit to listen. He’s a dark and brooding creature. This night he’s announced that he’s going to fail his Social Studies test Thursday. No doubt.

    Also picked up an email from the ex stating that he’s pulled the children from day care.

    Sadly, history is repeating this, on all days … child unit three’s birfday.

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