Who’s that man in the mirror?

Got my drivers’ license in the mail last week. I’m used to my picture not turning out well for IDs. My ID at my last job was an unexpectedly pleasant surprise though, strangely enough, people frequently told me I looked stern even though I was smiling. (I think that’s because I looked like a school marm; must have brought up long-repressed feelings. LOL)

Anyway, this drivers’ license picture was shocking. I was expecting to come off looking like my grandmother yet again. With my glasses on, I look like my grandmother. Without them, I apparently look like a 55-year-old male blue collar worker arrested for killing people and burying them in his back garden. I know you know the kind of picture I’m talking about. Not quite the look I was going for.  It’s the short grey  hair, deep set eyes (emphasized if I’m not wearing my glasses), and lack of makeup that does it. It was kind of a depressing unveiling, looking at that picture. And yet at the same time, I’m too tired to actually care too deeply about it. *sigh*


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