Daily yada yada

My “distance glasses” can’t be repaired and they no longer have those frames. So I had to order a brand new pair of glasses at a cost of $200. They’re similar but not quite the same. I pick them up tomorrow morning. It’s kind of funny. My distance glasses (which I really don’t need all the time, I just really need them for generally reading and using the computer) are 3.5 and my reading glasses are 4.8 or something like that. The optician measuring me for the new glasses insisted that at that strength, I must need the distance glasses in order to be able to see. I insisted I could see pretty good without the glasses, that I just needed the glasses in order to focus on things I need to read, like signs, labels, etc. Anyway, the optician decided to test me by asking me to read her name on her name tag. It wasn’t completely clear but I could make out enough to guess that it was “Marianne”. She was surprised. I’ve learned, since wearing my reading glasses, that I actually can see quite well without the glasses as long as I don’t have to read anything that isn’t written really large. I wear the distance glasses all the time because they don’t get broken or lost if I wear them all the time. And because they mask my dark circles somewhat.

While I was at the mall, I had lunch at A&W — the burgers don’t taste quite as good as I remember them but the root beer was marvelous. Doing all the running around I had to do involved a lot of walking — strangely enough, my back didn’t bother me, nor did I get really winded, but my left leg and foot are killing me. Even now, hours later, my left foot and ankle still ache. Mind you, they’re holding up a lot of weight so it’s not surprising they hurt, but I think I need new sneakers.

Had to call EI to kick start things again but they’ve finally approved my claim. There’s some weirdness to it but that doesn’t affect any payments I’ll be due. Also finally got information about my pension plan from the old job. Thought it was all going to have to be transferred to a locked in RRSP but it turns out there’s an amount that would be payable directly to me as well. I need to look into the repercussions of doing that, including how it would affect my EI, but it sure would come in handy.

[Just watching “Ghost Whisperer” — lovely product placement for James Van Pragh’s new book. (He is an executive producer or consultant or something on the show and was on Dr. Phil yesterday or the day before plugging it. )]


One thought on “Daily yada yada

  1. Dear Louise, I went to the optritian today for the second time to pick up my glasses. They were too small, of course. He didn’t measure the center of my eyes, as you reminded me of, like they used to do. It’s been a couple decades since I’ve worn glasses, but I cannot read my Bible anymore so it was time to get them. Grrr. I hope everything worked out well for you, and have a nice day.

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