EI woes

Contacted EI the other day. They’re doing their best to make it as difficult as possible for me to actually get benefits. They’ve discounted the first two weeks I was unemployed so my waiting period is weeks 3 and 4. Then they’ve decided to allocate earnings during those two waiting period weeks over the next 4 weeks instead of 3 (because I apparently made too much during one of those weeks). So, I don’t get anything until early June and even then it will be drastically less than expected. Honesty is apparently punished. The guy I talked to it thought it was a compliment to tell me how impressed he was with my knowledge and understanding of how precisely EI was screwing me over (not his exact words, you understand).

I asked him about the pension transfer payment and his response? “We won’t know until you do it.” It might mess your claim up a lot or it might only mess you up a little, but we won’t know which until we’ve seen it. What I wanted was for someone to look at the specifics and at my claim and tell me upfront whether there is any point. But, no, that would be too easy. So, I guess I hold onto things and then, if I decide to take the transfer payment, wait until my claim is no longer active to do it.


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